why is my cat peeing on bed and how to stop it

In this pot I will address the question: Why is my cat peeing on bed? And how you can stop cat from peeing on bed.The majority of us love cats. We love the way cats are and we like to have them around us since they are incredible pets. Cats are very much liked and admired by many. This is as result of their nature of being intelligent and friendly.

However, there are times when the habits of cats may not please us at all. There are things cats will do that will leave us very disappointed. One of those things is peeing on bed. Many people face problem of cat peeing on bed. And questions arise: Why is my cat peeing on bed. It’s not good things and I am here to help you out! The number thing that you have to understand is that cats are in the cat family and despite their domestic nature, they have some family wild nature. In order to get answer of: why is my cat peeing on cat bed, continue reading.

The cat family mark their territories by use of urine. A cat will often pee where it has peed before since this is the nature of the cat family. Cats will pee just like any other animal and one of the places that they may pee is ion the bed. Obviously you may not like this and in fact you may find it to be a disgust.

Don’t start getting angry anyway, since there is much that can be done to stop cat peeing on bed. To know what needs to be done, you have to know something about cats as explained below.

Reasons: Why is my cat peeing on my bed?

Just like any other animal, a cat will definitely pee. However, cats have reasons they pee and specifically at various places. Here are reasons that cats pee.

As a call of nature

Just like any other animals cats have to respond to their call of nature. This way, they have to pee so as to relieve themselves hence it becomes very natural just like every other animal to answer to a call of nature.

As a result of a continued habit

At times your cat may find it necessary to pee on your bed only ensure this is the place that the cat found convenient for peeing. The cat will simply pee and do so again and again and out of the habit of doing it, this will be routine to it. Cats will pee at one place and when the urine is not wiped away, the cat will pee there again and again.

To mark territories

The cat family mark their territory by use of their urine. In such cases the cat will mark its territory on your bed so as to make sure that that it’s only. Cats love cozy places and your bed happens to be one of those places.In such a casethe cat will pee on it and it will do it more and more since the consistent smell of its urine attracts it to do this more and more.


How to stop cat peeing on bed

Washing the soiled spot

The number one way that can help in stooping cat peeing on bed is to clean the urine the moment you spot it on the bed so as to avoid a repetition of the same. Wash the spot with soap first then wash with vinegar or hydrogen peroxideso as to completely keep the smell away completely.

Discouraging play with cats on the bed

Do not play with the cat on the bed mostly. This is not to tell that you shouldn’t play with the cat on the bed but it shouldn’t be often. Play with cats only at places you would okay with them urinating and especially where you have its litter box around. This is to mean that whenever it feel like peeing, it will be attracted by the smell of its pee and it will hence pee there. This is for reason that cats pee only at places they have peed before as result of the attraction by the smell of its urine.

Time for Cat to Visit  Veterinarian

Doesn’t matter where your pet has started eliminating, if location isn’t in litter box itself, first step is to have them checked by veterinarian. The physical exam, including urinalysis or other appropriate tests have to be done to ensure there is not underlying cause for behavior. Even though you are convinced then it is behavioral, do not skip any important first step in ruling out the medical issues as you certainly will not want your pet suffering. Additionally, it is common for cat with medical issue like lower urinary tract, to avoid box.

Ensure Litter Box Itself Is not reason behind cat peeing on bed

It is time to do thorough evaluation of litter box conditions. Liter box can be reason behind cat peeing on bed. Let us begin with cleanliness and how often is box getting scooped? This must get checked & scooped at least two times daily. It is stressful for the cat to deal with the dirty litter box.

For cats, need for clean toileting area also is rooted in survival. And they totally eliminate from the nesting area and cover waste so it does not attract the predators. The indoor cats retain the same instinct. The dirty and smelly litter box also becomes neon sign advertising for predators.

Box must be scooped two times daily and litter must be totally dumped and box scrubbed on monthly basis. Suppose you are using scoop-able litter scrubbing schedule may need to be very frequent.  Look at size of box itself.

Ensure you have matched size of a box with size of your pet. I know having litter box in a house is not high on a list of the attractive decor. However do not skimp by getting small box so that you may hide it in corner. The cat needs to get in it comfortably. Box must be 1½ times length of a cat.

Reclaiming Your Own Bed From Cat

After you have had a cat to veterinarian and also have carefully re-examined your cat’s litter box setup. Next thing to do in order to stop cat peeing on bed is: to look on what environmental factors can be contributing to problem. Suppose it is the textural issue, then try switching to different kind of comforter. You can look for one, which has different feel than current one. You might need to keep bedroom door closed in a day to limit an access to temptation of being at bed.


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