How to get cat urine smell out of carpet at home

In this post I will talk about: How to get cat urine smell out of carpet.Cats will at times spray at areas you wouldn’t like them to. At times they will pee on your bed, on the sofa and even on the carpet. Of course you would prefer that cats pee only at their litter box. however, this is not always the case and so you should know how to counter the situation in case you cat does pee on any other place that is not in its litter box.

Cats often pee on the carpet if and this is the place that they are mostly tempted to pee. However much there are ways of making the cat stick to its litter box, there times cats will just pee on the carpet. It is important for you to know how to control your cats peeing on the wrong place.Know how to make it pee in its litter box and most of all know how to get cat urine smell out of carpet.

You should use fastest possible to get cat urine smell out of carpet the, since this urine has effect on the carpet and even on those living in the house.

How to get cat urine smell out of carpet different ways

If you want to effectively get cat urine put of the carpet, then you have to know the various ways that are to be applied. Below is a detailed explanation of the most suitable ways that will help get cat urine smell out of carpet.

Cleaning the carpet thoroughly

Clean the carpet with water when the cat sprays or pees on it. This is to help to remove the urine and also to neutralize it. After washing the carpet with water. Use bleaches and in case your carpet is not to be bleached use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. This is effective since it helps to completely remove the urine and hence free the carpet from the effect of the urine.

One of the effects of cat urine on the carpet is fading and weakening of fabric. The acid in cat urine could very corrode the carpet and hence make the fabrics weak. For this reason, it is best to clean the carpet once you realize that it has act urine.

Use of relevant sprays

Cats will pee on the carpet several times if you don’t clean it. This is because cats are attracted by their urine and when they intend to pee again they will pee at places they had previously peed. In this case, it is very advisable to beat all the urine smell in the carpet much as you can. When your cat pees on the carpet, use products like the feliway sprays so as to completely remove the urine smell and hence discourage the cat from urinating at the same spot again.

Ways to make sure that your carpet is free from cat urine smell

  • The number one way of removing cat urine from the carpet is to avoid it. This is the best way. You will do this by making use of plug in diffuser such as the feliway diffuser that helps the cat feel secure and hence reduces the chances of it spraying. In addition, this diffuser removes all traces of cat urine smell and makes the cat sense only the smell on its litter box and hence it prefers to go there to pee.
  • Through cleaning of the carpet is the number two way of removing cat urine smell from the carpet. Ash the carpet thoroughly with water and then use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and this will help remove not only the urine but also its smell.
  • Avoid playing with the cat on the carpet so as to reduce the caches of it peeing on it. Where you play with the cat is the place that it is most likely to pee and hence you should make sure that the carpet is not one of those places.

It is vital to consult with the veterinarian to find why cat is not using her box. However in a meantime, suppose you find urine on new chaise lounge, do not fret. Here some 10 tips to cleaning the cat urine & preventing furniture from giving it away.

  • Do not rub stain. Suppose it is dry, then pour cold water at stain, and blot.
  • Grab paper towel, to blot up urine if possible. If it is large spot then you do not want to waste the paper towels, you need to use cloth towel or any old clothes that are thrown away. Suppose spot is on carpet, then stand on wet spot.
  • Use commercial product found in the pet store or homemade mixture from the ingredients that are found in your home. Ensure to test both of them on small area.
  • Avoid using any detergents with the ammonia in it. “Pee smell” in it may encourage the cat to mark spot again.
  • There is nothing like baking soda. After water & vinegar solution gets dry, sprinkle area with the baking soda.
  • Here is the good homemade solution: just mix water & vinegar solution. As vinegar is good for killing the bacteria. The mixture is ideal for both new and old stains.
  • Here is the good homemade mixture: mix water & vinegar solution. As Vinegar is good for killing the bacteria. The mixture is ideal for both new and old stains. Try around 1 1/2 cups warm water & 1/2 cup of the vinegar. Pour the concoction over stain and soak at 3 – 5 minutes.
  • T is time to let mixtures get dry for some hours. Once spot’s dry, vacuum excess baking soda. Suppose stain is very tough, then repeat this entire process again.
  • You are not done yet with homemade remedies. You need to mix 3/4cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (and you know you’ve under bathroom sink) with one teaspoon of the dish detergent. Sprinkle the solution over baking soda & test small spot. You have to do this as sometimes peroxide will discolor and bleach fabrics. Work baking soda in fabric and carpet.

I hope this article about get cat urine smell out of carpet is helpful.

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