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Cats are pleasant and they are nice pets to live with. These wonderful animals are the best to be around with and they are wonderful companions. Cats are friendly and this makes them get liked by many. However, it is our responsibility to take care of cats and also to make sure that we are well with our cats at all times.

Cat urine is harmful to your health if it accumulates at a place for long. This is a result of the production of ammonia. In this case, it is best that you get to know how to take care of cats and how to clean cat’s urine so as to avoid the effects of cat’s urine on your health and also to enhance cleanliness. Cat urine should be removed the moment it is sensed and the place that has had this urine should be thoroughly washed.

Cat urine is supposed to be thoroughly washed so as to avoid ammonia accumulation and more so to avoid the cat from pee in that place again. Cats are our responsibility and so we should have the relevant ways that will be of help so as to make sure that we take the best care of them and knowing how to removal cat urine is one of the most effective ways.

What to know about cat urine

Cats pee is as a result of the natural call of relieve and also as a way marking their territories. Catswill pee where they find effective and you will find them peeing on your bed, on the carpet and any other cozy place. This is a way of them, marking their territories.

When you don’t clean this urine, the cat will pee on that place again and again and the accumulation of this urine could be a health hazard to you and your family. In that case it is best for you toremove cat urine despite where it could be.

Cat urine causes allergies to you and more to this it causes respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia. In addition to the ammonia produced by this urine is not fit for your health and also you respiratory health. Accumulated levels of cat urine produce ammonia which is a health risk and is also a risk to people with asthma.

The removal of cat urine

Cat urine should be removed by through washing of the places that the cat had urinated. This is the only effective way to get rid of the urine. Below are effective ways that should be used so as to make sure that cat urine is effectively removed and the areas are maintained and kept safe from cat pee again.

  • Soiled areas should be thoroughly cleaned. Avoid use of strong scented cleaners since they may make the cat soil the place they had previously peed. Reason is that cats have astrong sense of smell and hence this may only attract the cat to soil the place again.
  • The previously soiled areas should be made less comfortable for the cat, if not possible, change the places they normally soil by making sure that your cat doesn’t play at that place. This is effective since it denies the cat the chance to make the place significant anymore. Feed and treat the cat in other areas that are far away from the place it had previously soiled.
  • Wash the places that was previously soiled with soap and water. After washing the place clean, do it again with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. If you don’t have these, a bleach could also serve the purpose of eliminating the scent of cat urine.
  • Encourage your cat to pee only in its litter box. This is by cleaning all areas that could have cat urine and so the cat will only pee in its litter box since this is the only place that could have the smell of its urine.


Problem with the Commercial Cleaners

Some of the commercial urine cleaning products for pet do get their job done right, those are some & far between. Ones that really work well generally have live enzymes and bacteria. Reason needs to do with chemical composition of the cat urine. The cat’s urine forms the crystals that will cling to most of the surfaces.

Water or other household cleaning solutions, which includes bleach, can do nothing in removing it. Most of the household cleaners are been formulated to remove dirt and grease. The car urine crystals actually are very tough than the dirt and grease. Thus, you require something that can break it down on chemical level. Luckily, Mother Nature has some products that will do right.

White Vinegar

Suppose you discover fresh, or wet “accident” and your cat has luckily left their mark on delicate item such as silk blouse, then it is the good cleaner. It is gentle, natural & lifts out odors very well. It leaves own pungent odor, but it dissipates within some hours.

Suppose you use a lot & room is very closed up, then it might take some days, but this may eventually go away. Whereas brown vinegar can also clean cat urine, it will leave brown or yellowish mark of own. Vinegar might work on the fresher spots, but it is effective with the other ingredients.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This product having oxygen & hydrogen is the powerful weapons against the cat urine odors. The strength makes this ideal for the older and set stains. You can stick with around 3% of hydrogen peroxide from the drug store or the grocery store. Stronger solutions accessible for bleaching your hair will strip color right from the carpet and furniture. And leave nasty mark on hardwood and linoleum floor, otherwise do harm than good.

Some More Ingredients

Many common household products also will help you to clean up stains & smells. It includes liquid Castile soap, lemon juice, baking soda, and some mouthwash. Generally, one of the ingredients alone will not help much. Right amount in right combination with many other ingredients boosts mixture’s cleaning power and creates chemical reaction, which breaks up or lifts out cat urine crystals.


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