What is Gestation Period for cats and how long it last?

Hello! In this post we will learn about: gestation period for cats. Many people are really confuse when it comes to gestation period for cats.  In order to remove the confusion and make people I am writing this article.

What is gestation period for cats

Gestation period is the amount of time from when an unborn baby is conceived inside its mother’s womb to the time it is born. In other words, it is the pregnancy period.

How long does gestation period for cats last?

This time may vary for different types of mammals but for cats, the gestation period for cats is between 61 to 69 days according to different research results. Different animals may experience different bodily reactions during this time, for instance humans may experience morning sickness. However, for cats, there are different reactions that their body have during this time and these are used to tell whether a cat is expectant or not.

Is Your Cat Pregnant?

Best method to know is to make the appointment with the vet. He will confirm that little kittens are on a way, as well as get the idea on how many, just by feeling the cat’s belly a bit early on, and doing the ultrasound in the mid pregnancy, and doing the X-ray in the late pregnancy.

What you should do?

As a cat owner, you should help her find a comfortable spot or help her create one, where the kittens will be safe from attacks by other animals or the different weather changes. This would probably be a small basket covered in wool on the inside to ensure the kittens are warm.

It should also be short and not tall in a way the cats will get injured if they jump off. It should also be a quiet part of the house in which the cat will remain peaceful and un-bothered and in which the cat will not be attacked by other animals that may be a danger to her little kittens.

Due to the dirty environment in which the cats will come out to, it is a good idea to visit the veterinary and have your cat take vaccines to prevent diseases from attacking her kittens and killing them or making them unfit to live playfully.


You know that your can’t speak and take care of herself during this time. And as cat owner it’s your responsibility to take full care of your cat. Don’t worry much about the process because they are a lot people who can help you. I hope this article about gestation period for cats is helpful and best of luck!

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