neutered cat spraying and it’s causes

Hey everyone! Are worried about neutered cat spraying? Well, then your a right place. As a cat owner, you should not confuse urine out of the box with spraying. The difference between the two is that a cat urinates on a flat horizontal surface and sprays on a vertical surface. Although rare, some females spray or spray on horizontal surfaces.

  • The main reason why neutered cat spraying is due to its territorial instinct and to mark its territory sprayed urine to let other cats know that it is the owner of that little piece of the world.
  • If you notice that the places where your cat sprays are mainly near the sales or doors, it means that your pet has seen another cat prowl the place frequently.
  • Sometimes a cat sprays because of psychological problems such as anxiety, stress or the feeling of being threatened by something or someone.

Why Does A Castrated Male Cat Still Mark Its Territory?

If your male castrated cat marks its territory, sprays or urine out of the litter box, the first thing you should do is take it to the vet. Once you have ruled out medical problems, you can look for other causes.

Other Reasons Behind Neutered Cat Spraying

Health problems:

Castrated male cats are prone to the bladder and the urinary tract problems, which include clogs, infections, or urinary stones, thus take them for veterinary checkup. Male cats have longer and thinner urethra than cats, and castration can narrow the urethra further, making locks more likely. If cat has any medical problem, then you need antibiotics, catheter, diet change, and surgery.

Neutered Cat Spraying Environmental problems:

Your cat’s territory marks can be a response to something in your environment. If you and your partner have recently started living together, moved to a new home, or introduced another pet, these can impact your cat, and spraying could be your reaction. You can also mark your territory, especially if you have an unsterilized female or another male cat that has not been neutered. You can also check if you are interacting with other cats outdoors, or even if you see or smell another cat near your home.

Problems of the litter box:

Spraying your cat can be a response to the litter box. They may not like the trash you use or the location of the box. Even if you think you clean it regularly, it may disagree, and it can react to odors that you cannot even smell. Make sure you are taking out the box twice a day, and you clean the box and replace it at least once a week. You should have litter box for every cat, with extra, and place this in quiet place, and off the road.


If your veterinarian rules out a medical cause for spraying, ask for suggestions on how to deal with this behavior. The solution can be simple as moving litter box, especially suppose your markings are at same place again. You may have to try other kind of sand or litter box.

Never punish it, as this could cause additional spraying. In the most extreme cases, you may need to consult a feline behavior specialist or give you anti-anxiety medication, but do not take those steps without consulting your veterinarian.

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