Maine Coon kittens Personality and adoption

Hello everyone! In this post is about Mine Coon Kittens. There are different breeds of cats with different clear distinctions. These differences may be very difficult to differentiate for untrained eyes. For some, cats look the same. However, the Maine Coon Kittens may be easier to spot in the crowd. The Maine Coon is one of the breeds of cats.

However, it is very easy to spot. It is larger than other breeds and is, in fact,the largest. It originated from Maine in the USA. Depending on different situations and health issues, the breed may live to an age of up to 16 years.

Personality of Maine Coon

The Maine Coon Kittens are known to be very gentle and humble to humans. Being the largest breed that one can keep in the house makes it even more loved by most humans and mostly by children. Due to this personality, different owners give them different names that go according to the traits and sizes the cats have grown to adopt according to their owners.

The animals are known to be very good at hunting, giving their large size and are known to love going outdoors in search of adventure. This means that they are very intelligent and very playful around humans and even around other cats.

The Maine Coon has a large body with a large tail and muscles larger than other breeds. This breed may also grow a large coat of hair around its body and tail which may have different color patterns on it or different plain colors. The cat may grow to a large size although different observers and researchers conclude that the females are much smaller than the male gender.

Adopting Maine Coon Kittens

Due to the difference the Maine Coon has from other cat breeds, it tends to be a bit more expensive to acquire a Maine Coon kitten. They are the largest in-bred cats hence their huge prices even though there are much cheaper ways to acquire them such as the animal pound or adopting one at a lower adoption price.

In different pet stores, the Maine Coon may be sold at different prices depending on the size with the price ranging at between USD $ 500 to $1600. Since they are mostly bred for purposes of competition, the cats with any medals in such competitions may tend to cost more than others.

After acquiring this breed, it is important to take the animal to a veterinary and having him/her checked for any diseases that may affect your present kittens. It is also important to make sure you acquire the animal from a licences breeder.

Caring your  Main Coon kittens

Due to the cat’s large size, they need to be cared for a little bit differently than the other cats. When they are well taken care of, they tend to grow to very healthy, huge and playful animals when they are around you. However, due to the wrong practices while caring for the breed, it may tend to develop certain problems or illnesses. These illnesses may be genetic or may be due to the environment the animal is around or even the habits the owner exposes the animal to.

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