Do girl cats spray: female cat spraying and how to stop

You have been asking : do girl cat spray. Well, the answer is yes. All cat female or male  can spray. Whether they are neutered or not the definitely will spray. Girl cats spray and other because of their nature and this is in the cats families. Cats are wonderful pets but it is best to know that they are animals and there are some behaviors though you may not like, you will have to cope with them since that’s how cats are. In this case then, all you will have to do is control. Your girl cat will spray.

Reasons why female cats spray

All cats spray either male or female and they will spray for various reasons that you should be aware of so as for you to control them and live with your cats well.

As a result of stress

Girl cats spray as a result of stress. When  female cats are stressed, they spray as a reaction to the situation. They do this as a way of reassurance and so as to cope with stress or as a way to sooth themselves. Girl Cats  spray normally outdoors. However if female cats spray indoors, it is a clear indication that they are very much stressed. Girl Cats spray on your bed, on the carpet and even on the duvet because of stress.

As a way of attracting a mate

Just like humans communicate, cats also do the same. Girl cats spray when they are on heat so as to attract a mate. This is a natural way of the cat to find a suitable mate and hence meet the procreation call of nature. Girl cats spray when they are on heat .

To mark territories

Animals are a bit selfish. This is fact since according to the animal world its survival of the fittest. Cats also mark their territories and female cats are not an exception.

As a result of anxiety

When cats are anxious they spray. This is a way of making things easier for them and also for calming the situation a little. When anxious, cats will clearly show it by spraying and this way they ease the situation and just like with stressful situations, they calm the situation.

As a result of an illness.

Female Cats spray more when they are sick or ill. This is a fact and you need to take it seriously. You may not clearly know when your cat is not okay and so if you notice too much spraying, it could be a sign that you cat is not at the right heath condition and hence necessitate that you consult a veterinary.

How to stop cat spraying

The fact is that you dislike the sight of your cat spraying either on the carpet, ion your bed or on the sofa. This means that there should be a remedy to solve the problem. The only way to solve the problem is to know how to stop your female cat from spraying and here is how.

  • Check with you veterinary to see if your cat is in its right health condition. Your vet is best placed since this vet is the expert when it comes to animals and they will advise you on the right steps to take in case your cat may not be in its right health state.
  • Clean the sprayed area thoroughly with water and then vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. (do not use strong smelling products)
  • Spray the area with feliway products to reduce the likelihood of the cat sparing again.
  • To help stop the territorial markings, use the diffuses such as the feliway diffuseness this diffuse helps increase your cats sense of security and hence your cat finds no need to spray


What is Female Cat Spraying?

It could be inappropriate urination, or whatever cause, will manifest with the cats squatting or peeing on bed, rug, and pile of laundry. In “spraying” scenario, cat may stand, or back up against the wall, door, and piece of furniture, or spray urine on vertical surface. In order to understand the behavior and stop this, cat parents have to think like cat.

“Cats are totally control freaks and they like to be in charge. For this reason anxiety and stress that bring on the insecurity, fear or timidity, will cause cat to spray. “What they’re doing is just trying to feel secure. “So important concept for the cat owners to know is that cat does not think that their urine smells very bad. (Spraying) actually makes cats feel content.”

Getting to Source of Girl Cats Spraying

Understand what can be a source of cat’s stress or find out how you can eliminate it. One possibility will be too many cats at household, or addition of new cat, which is a bully. In former case, number of felines will make it very hard for more-timid cat get to litter box, or sleeping area, and food bowl.

Pet parents may not be totally aware that cat is feeling a bit intimidated. “One cat may be bully or harassing other cat and without you knowing it. “The threat to other cat is a stare. It is the act of aggression, however we do not see it.” To solve this problem, give multiple sleeping areas, water or food bowls, as well as litter boxes so cats aren’t competing for the resources,

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