Blood in cat urine home remedies and symptoms

In this article I will talk about presence of blood in cat urine .Cats are precious to us. We love them for the fact that they are good pets and they are perfect companions. They are interesting and their tender nature makes us want to have them at all times. Cats are not only intelligent but that are adorable.

For these and more reasons, we find cats real nice to have and as a result of their friendly nature, we prefer to have them with us. Lots of people keep cat as pet and have a good time with them. It is fun for even old people who do not have anyone with them, cat can act as an companion. Also cat look very attractive and come in different colors.

However, just like us all animals, cats also have health concerns that should be taken care of by you. you should make sure that your cat is at its best health condition at all times.

And when you notice anything unusual, it is your responsibility to have it taken care of in the best ways possible. Never at any time ignore your cat or let it be in a condition that could compromise its health.  This is a very important thing and one needs to try hard.

And find a good vet to get them treated if the need arises. As a owner of the cat you need to have right vets in touch. Who can take good care of your cat.

The presence of blood cat urine is one of the concerns that you should have as a cat owner. This is for the fact that cats pee urine when they are not okay health wise. This requires that you look into the matter carefully so that you can make sure that your cat as healthy as required.

Urine in blood in animals is a show of health concern. So, you should take the necessary steps so as to make sure that your cat is well taken care of. The presence of cat urine in cat urine is cause for alarm and you should make sure that it is effectively taken care of.

If you come across something like that immediately you should look for medical help. This is a very important thing and should be taken very seriously.

 Why presence of blood in Cat urine should be taken seriously

Presence of urine in cats should be a course of concern to you as the owner. The cat could either be in a critical condition or it could have been hit. You never know and hence the best way to handle the situation is to find out.

When a cat is hit, you may not easily notice unless you are keen. You see, cats are not babies which means they don’t cry often when things are not fine with them. In this case, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that anything with your cat is noticed.

Presence of urine in cat’s urine could be as a result of internal bleeding, sickness or even as a result of poor dieting. Your cat is your responsibility. And you should make sure that you accord it the health concern you ought to accord it. This could be a serious issue and as a cat owner lots of care needs t be taken.

Benefits of taking notice of presence of blood cat urine

The first step to solving a problem is identifying the problem. More to this, it is better earlier noticed than later. You should make relevant checks on your cat to make sure that it is at its best at all times. Animals don’t talk to us.

Hence the best way to take care of them is to take the necessary steps to keep your cat safe such as checking for blood in cat urine. This should be done on regular basis to avoid any kind of problem. You do it right, then you will be avoiding anything major from happening as you know prevention is always better, all the time.

Your cat is a close friend that you have at all times. You will better take care of this friend. If you check not only for blood in its urine but if you do all you can to ascertain that your cat is at its best health at all times.

When you take notice of the presence of blood in cat urine, you will get to determine the problem with the cat and hence take better care of it. This way, you will call a veterinary in case the cat could be sick, bleeding internally or suffering as a result of poor feeding.

They say that a cat has nine lives but not your cat. Maybe others. Cat is a lovely animal and good care will help it live longer.

Causes of the Blood in Cat Urine

UTI or Urinary Tract Infections

Among older cats with the decreased kidney function, the presence of blood in cat urine is the sign of bacterial infection. The young cats with the healthy kidneys do not have such infections because urine is concentrated that the bacterial growth cannot occur. Among older cats with dilute urine, the urinary tract infection is limited to bladder. In serious cases might involve either one or both the kidneys.

Crystals in Cat Urine

Crystals is common cause of presence of blood in cat urine. It’s most common in younger cats. Crystals when left untreated or undiagnosed, will lead to the blockage of urethra in male cats.

As they cannot urinate through blocked urethra, it creates medical emergency, fast leading to the kidney failure. And it can also cause death in 48 – 72 hours. Among female cats or some male cats, the mineral crystals in urine (normally, struvite or calcium oxalate) will lead to formation of the stones, and not urethral blockage.

Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is the third common reason of presence of blood in cat urine . Besides blood tinged urine, higher frequency of the urination or straining to urinate can be seen. And this disease will be diagnosed by excluding the crystalluria.

The urinary tract stones or urinary tract infection through analysis of urine, abdominal radiographs, urine culture or ultrasound. It can be managed by the diet modification, giving canned food in order to increase cat’s hydration and decrease concentration of their urine.

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